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Comprises: Chaparral, red clover blossom, licorice root, buckthorn bark, burdock root, stillinga root, poke root, barberry root, prickly ash bark, wild indigo root, sea kelp, oregon grape root and cascara sagrada bark, together with potassium iodide. Also involves following a nutritional programme/abstention from certain foods.

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An excellent DVD about the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment , entitled 'How Healing Becomes A Crime', is available. Highly recommended. To obtain a copy search Amazon/American eBay.
If you live in Britain or Europe, I have noticed a region 2 DVD, the same or similar to the above, advertised on British eBay.

Book: 'When Healing Becomes A Crime' by Kenny Ausubel.
Subtitled: The Amazing Story Of The Hoxsey Cancer Clinics And The Return Of Alternative Therapies'.
The full story of Harry Hoxsey and the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment. Highly recommended.
Status: At the time of writing this book is in print.
(See http://www.innertraditions.com/)

Book: 'You Don't Have To Die' by Harry Hoxsey.
To some he was a fraud and a charlatan, to others he was the greatest natural healer of the twentieth century. Certainly thousands of people owe their lives to Harry Hoxsey and his amazing cancer treatment. Here Harry Hoxsey tells his own story in his own words. Highly recommended.
Status: At the time of writing , this book is in print.(Available from Amazon. In case of difficulty, contact the publishers Cancer Book House, a division of Cancer Control Society, 2043 North Berendo Street, Los Angeles, California 90027, U.S.A. )
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After repeated requests a group of ten independent American doctors investigated the Hoxsey cancer treatment and, in 1954, they issued this statement:
"This clinic now has under treatment or observation between four and five thousand cancer patients. It handles approximately ninety patients per day. Approximately 100 new patients per week come to the Clinic seeking relief, and the evidence we have seen indicates that approximately 90% of these are terminal cases."
"Over the years the Clinic has accumulated more than 10,000 case histories, photographic studies and x-ray studies from all over the United States, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, the Central Zone and elsewhere."
"We find as a fact that the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic in Dallas, Texas, is successfully treating pathologically proven cases of cancer, both internal and external, without the use of surgery, radium or x-ray..."
"Some of those presented before us have been free of symptoms as long as twenty four years, and the physical evidence indicates that they are all enjoying exceptional health at this time...We are willing to assist the Clinic in any way possible in bringing this treatment to the American public. We are willing to use it..on our own patients."
The above statement represents the unanimous findings of this Committee. In testimony thereof we hereby attach our signatures."
- S. Edgard Bond M.D., Willard G. Palmer M.D., Hans Kalm M.D., A.C. Timbs M.D., Frederick H. Thurston M.D., E.E. Loffler M.D., H.B. Mueller M.D., R.C. Bowie M.D., Benjamin F. Bowers M.D., Roy O. Yeats M.D.

"It's very simple. It doesn't make you ill. Your hair doesn't fall out like chemo. It's almost too good to be true, you might think, but it does work." - Margaret Griffin, Hoxsey patient.

"I felt I was going downhill. I know I was going downhill. When the Hoxsey was presented to me by a total stranger, I said to my husband ," I'm going to try this, and if I'm still here in 6 months I'm going back, and if not, what did I lose? A plane fare. A couple of hundred dollars." So I did. I went to Dallas and it was available and I'm still here twenty years from then to tell my story. And I'm positive it's the Hoxsey that has kept me here." - Margaret Griffin, "terminal" cancer patient, given at most one year to live.

The Hoxsey Diet

Hoxsey Testimonials

Footnote: Abraham Cherrix.
Background information-

We tracked down Abraham on one of the social networking sites. The following is an extract from a personal e-mail from him to us. (Abraham kindly gave us permission to quote it .)
1) I understand you tried the Hoxsey therapy. Did it work?
Yes, the Hoxsey therapy did work, and I was doing quite well with it! My tumours all began to take on spongy textures and shrink, and I was not under any (American) medical care. The reason I had to abandon this treatment is that, during the court battle, the judge placed a restraining order on my family. We were not allowed to leave the state of Virginia, and therefore we not only ran out of the tonic...but we couldn't get it adjusted every couple of months to match my body's needs. We had no money after the court battle, so we couldn't return to Mexico.

2) I know a man who says that the Hoxsey therapy doesn't work and nobody has ever been cured by it! What is your opinion of that?
Both are false statements. While we were at the clinic, we met near 100 people - in the waiting room alone - who had been cured of leukemia, stage-4 cancers and Hodgkin's disease. Most of them had come to the clinic after American doctors said they would not live for a month or two, or even a couple of weeks! Wheter it's the positive atmosphere or the tonic/diet itself, you can't deny the positive evidence that it works. God knows how many people have been cured by it!

3) What is your current state of health, re - the cancer? I have been in remission for over a year and a half. I've lived past my age expectations as according to my old oncologist.

4) If you are cancer free, what was it that cured you?
My cure was low dose radiation therapy from a homeopathic oncologist in Greenwood, Mississippi. He is certified in herbal treatments and radiology, combining both to make a powerful but TRUE cure for patients. I want to point out that during this radiation treatment, which included both of my lungs and neck, I never felt ill or stopped my daily activities, and the probability of side effects of his remarkable method ...are 0%! Today I only suffer from the side effects of the 3 month round of chemo I took before I knew about alternative treatments.

*Kenny Ausubel, author of the authoriative 'When Healing Becomes A Crime: The Amazing Story Of The Hoxsey Cancer Clinics And The Return Of Alternative Therapies', says that Hoxsey DID cure his own cancer using his own treatment. His personal doctor, Paul Peters M.D., vehemently stated that Hoxsey died not of cancer but of liver trouble and a weak heart.
Dr. Peters was out of town when Hoxsey died. Another doctor was called on to sign the death certificate. Having no knowledge of the true facts and noting from his medical records that Hoxsey had had prostate cancer, he simply wrote down 'cancer' as cause of death - to the gleeful sneering of Hoxsey's many detractors.