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Beres Drops Plus - " 'The Beres Drops Plus' is a liquid supplement containing iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, boron, flourine, chlorine and cobalt which are held in suspension by various organic carrier molecules." - David E. Thomas BSc, MSc, DIC

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Dr. Beres started researching cancer because he discovered that 80% of cases occured in areas where the soil was extremely rich in lime, phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen (All present in large amounts in common fertilisers) In addition to testing the soil, he checked the well-water in the same area and found nitrates and nitrogen additives which had not previously been present. This indicated that the water supplies were being contaminated and poisoned by fertilisers as well.
Dr. Beres asked himself if this could be the reason for the dramatic upsurge in the incidence of cancer since the 1930's. Prior to the Second World War it should be noted that fertiliser consisted largely of compost and animal manure, rich sources of micro-minerals. Only after the war did commercial fertliser usuage become widespread.
When Dr. Beres added trace minerals to the laboratory cultures of the pathogenic micro-organisms isolated from cancer tissue, they actually stopped multiplying.
The implication here was that cancer in people could be reversed in the same way. Dr. Beres had already discovered that the same pathogens in plants could be inactivated by micro-nutrients to the extent that the host plant became healthy again. What this highlights is the need for food to be grown on organically prepared soil without the use of fertilisers, so that food will contain a wide variety of micro-nutrients. - The Drops of Life

Dr. Beres has treated hundreds of thousands of patients with Beres Drops Plus during the past 22 years and found them to be of enormous benefit in a wide range of diseases. In the early stage of any condition the drops will restore the organism's immune system and it's ability to heal itself, and therefore Dr. Beres believes that those who have recovered from cancer should take the drops as a preventative medicine. Because the product was originally developed to treat cancer, the major part of the research has been done in this area. Among Dr. Beres own patients, the cancers which didn't respond well were those with poor vascularisation (sarcomas, neuro-blastomas etc.) at the opposite end of the scale, leukaemias responded well and the improvement was lasting.
Between 1975 and 1976 tests were carried out in different hospitals and clinics under the control of several specialists using Beres Drops Plus and dietary improvements. 235 patients with cancer were involved of which 23 already had secondary growths. All were in a serious condition and considered to have no chance of recovery or improvement, and none had been cured by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. At the end of the year 28.9% were 100% cured and 51.1% had tumours regressed to the point that they were almost complant free. These results are quite awe-inspiring. A side benefit was that healthy body weights were regained, appetites improved, osteoporosis stopped in some patients, as well as insomnia, fatigue, menstrual problems and visual disturbances. A most astonishing benefit was that of pain relief.
Even in those where morphine was no longer effective, the Beres Drops Plus either completely relieved or notably diminished pain over a period of time. The treatment also stopped hair loss, impotence, allergy and the nausea induced by chemotherapy and radiation, and it assisted the healing of wounds which had been present for years. Those who died in spite of treatment did so either from cardiac failure, pneumonia and other complications, or because their cancer was so advanced and rampant that nothing could arrest it.
Dr. Beres summarised his research by saying that the drops are much more effective than the standard chemotherapy offered to patients presently and they are totally devoid of harmful side effects. It is not the minerals themselves which cure disease, it is their effect of restoring the body's own self-healing ability. Some of Dr. Beres patients opt to combine his treatment with chemotherapy and find to their delight that the side-efects of the drugs are greatly reduced. - The Drops of Life

During the 1950's Hungarian biochemist Dr Jozseph Beres began a number of ecological, virologocal, nutritional and biochemical studies that have continued to the present day. These studies were concerned with the origin of diverse plant, animal and human diseases related to the immune system and metabolism.
As a result of this research he discerned the fundamental importance of several trace elements and certain biomolecules and subsequently developed a unique trace element supplement now called Beres Drops Plus that was designed, when taken orally, to correct basic deficiencies and thereby enable the body to function at its optimum - David E. Thomas BSc, MSc.

Despite a wealth of accumulated evidence over the past 20 years, testifying to the efficiacy of the Beres Drops Plus to help rectify disease conditions by correcting inherent deficiencies, the then prevailing political situation, together with historical and social factors, have resulted in that evidence today being almost entirely empirical. However, due to the climate of change in Eastern Europe, this situation is now being actively rectified and sufficient data have been accumulated to help determine the pathological fields of application of the Beres Drops Plus, and quantitatively justfy the efficacy of this unique trace element compound - David E. Thomas BSc, MSC. (June 1992)

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can obtain data on clinical trials involving Beres Drops by sending a large s.a.e. to Healthwatch, P.O. Box 222, Chicester PO19 6WN.

Beres Drops are now available commercially, throughout Western Europe and North America, under the brand name 'Beres Drops Plus'.